Historic and Modern Racism Within the Hispanic Community

Racist, repulsive, and ridiculous. These are the words that describe the article/video, “Academic Study: Unknown History of Latino Lynching,” by Diane Alverio, and a news video clip depicting a Hispanic woman slapping another lady over racist remark. (USA Today) Within these articles, is the unknown history of brutality toward Mexican American individuals and the continualContinue reading “Historic and Modern Racism Within the Hispanic Community”

The Cultural Diversity Among Hispanic Individuals:

Different, educated, and Hispanic. These are the words that resonated with me while I listened to Dr. Tinajero’s colleagues/friends. Interestingly, I found this interview to be a great way for students to learn and be able to hear from Hispanic experts in their field of study. Specifically, I was surprised to discover the many HispanicContinue reading “The Cultural Diversity Among Hispanic Individuals:”

Statistical Analysis of Latino’s Religious and Political Views:

After reading “Religious Composition of Latinos,” (Pew Research Center) and “Key takeaways about Latino voters in the 2018 midterm elections,” (Pew Research Center) I gained a plethora of knowledge and found the statistical facts to be shocking and intriguing. Particularly, I found the statistics of religious attendance among Latinos, and Latino voting decisions to beContinue reading “Statistical Analysis of Latino’s Religious and Political Views:”

Cultural and Social Awareness Within Professions:

Honorable, heedful, and dedicated. These are the words the describe the workers conveyed in the poem “Fences” by Pat Mora. For instance, this poem by Mora dives deep into the social work environment of individuals who are employed at beach resorts. Interestingly, this poem is written from the perspective of a young girl who’s familyContinue reading “Cultural and Social Awareness Within Professions:”

The Mislabeling of Terms Among the Hispanic Culture

After reading the many labels cast upon Latinos, it is evident that individuals have created a social and historical context for naming or referring to different kinds of Latino people. These labels aim to “classify’ or place a specific “stereotype” on certain groups. For instance, the term “gringo” or “gabacho” classifies someone as white, evenContinue reading “The Mislabeling of Terms Among the Hispanic Culture”

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